White Rose Chartered Surveyors rated ‘Outstanding’ by RICS

Regulatory Review Visit


As part of RICS’ obligation to conduct ongoing monitoring, and following a recent Regulatory Review Visit (RRV) by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), White Rose Chartered Surveyors have been rated for its compliance with the Designated Professional Body (DPB) rules as ‘outstanding’.


The primary purpose of the visit was to establish that any General Insurance Mediation Activities (GIMA) being undertaken are compliant with the RICS DPB scheme.

The regulatory review visit also took the opportunity to assess the firms operations in connection with the RICS’ Rules of Conduct, a preliminary review of the firm’s activity in relation to Client Money accounting procedures, and associated standard and relevant legislation.


The common objective is to maintain and improve the service to clients and the protection of the public.

Luke Neal MRICS, Director, comments “The team at White Rose are delighted to have received the RICS’ highest grading, ‘outstanding’, and are pleased that their team found our policies and procedures to be effectively implemented and robust.”